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      Fraudulent Employment Offers

      MDA has been made aware of fraudulent employment offers from MDA and our affiliates. This fraudulent correspondence is branded with our name, logo and often contains the names of senior employees within our organization.

      We take matters of this nature very seriously and we are taking steps to investigate and prevent such fraudulent acts, including alerting the local police.

      All valid email correspondence pertaining to any Canadian job offers will utilize the @www.qifum.site domain. Specifically, the @mdacorporation.ca email domain is not affiliated with MDA and is not our legal domain.

      The individuals responsible for carrying out these fraudulent acts or other similar false employment offers are not affiliated with MDA and the offers are crafted without MDA knowledge or approval.

      If you have any concerns over the validity of any correspondence received in respect to employment with MDA, you should contact us via our askHR@www.qifum.site and we will investigate.

      In acknowledging this activity, we hope we can prevent people from becoming victims of this fraud.

      You can access a list of legitimate Canadian career opportunities with MDA at http://www.qifum.site/corporate/careers.

      Please review the job opportunities and explore the possibility of an MDA career today!