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      Co-op / Work Term

      We're looking for you.

      MDA has been a supporter of university and college student education in Canada for more than 20 years. MDA offers work terms for co-operative (co-op) and non co-op programs in a variety of engineering domains.

      Each year, we invite the best and brightest students from universities and colleges across Canada to our Richmond, Brampton, and Montreal offices to work on a diverse range of projects. In our highly competitive program, students work as a full member of the project team and are held accountable for their results.

      A co-op/work term placement with MDA not only allows you to apply what you have learned in the classroom, it provides real-world practical experience for your resume, and networking opportunities for that all-important job search after graduation.

      We post our co-op/work term openings with co-op offices and placement coordinators coast to coast, three times each year. There are a number of different programs, including some non-technical placements, so be sure to check out our postings at your co-op office.

      How long are the work terms?
      What programs do you recruit from?
      What will I do as a Co-op / Work Term student?
      What will be expected of me?
      What about the work environment?
      How will I be compensated?
      Is it all work and no play?
      How do I apply?